Prosecco Pong Game


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Prosecco Pong – Entering the celebration scene with a pop and a fizz, it’s the game that’s taken social media by storm. Introducing the glamorous cousin of the classic American college game Beer Pong, we’re partying but with a touch of class.There’s no better addition to a girls night with your besties, summery garden party or glitzy hen do! Also, the perfect gift for lovers of Prosecco and fizz.The Rules – Split your party into two teams and set up your table with 6 glasses either end in a triangular shape. Take turns to throw or bounce the pink pong balls into the opponents Prosecco glasses. If you get the ball in, your opponent drinks the glass of fizz. Repeat until there is a winning team! Feel free to vary the rules to suit you and your friends.The Prosecco Pong Kit contains:  12 plastic glasses and 3 pink ping pong balls.

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